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Living from the inside out

Writing a blog is something I’ve intended to do for years, but somehow, as with so many things, never got round to it. Now I’ve prioritised it, with the intention simply to share, in case any of my learnings and musings from exploration of this life are helpful for anyone else. Heading towards my late-30s, with a career, loving husband and two kids, I’ve found myself increasingly reflecting over recent years over what I’ve learned in life, what can be useful for others, the challenges I continue to face and what I’m still learning each day. Some of the lessons are repeated, some are new – sometimes when I think I’ve totally got things down, that’s when I get blown off track.
There is a Buddhist concept that centres on the contemplation of the lotus flower: rising from muddy depths, the lotus flower reaches up and blossoms in the light. This beautiful and simple concept can be applied to our lives, how we can reach through the messiness, and the times we feel in the dark, turning to the light to thrive. To me, this path is exploring life from the inside out. My years on this planet have taught me that nothing external will give me more joy than I can experience in conscious mindfulness right here, right now.
From the inside out is a way to share my journey, and connect with you on yours, as we navigate these travels from the darkness to the light.

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